genuine-people Welcome to Genuine People we are consultants with 30 years experience in HR, and Organisation Development. We listen to your requirements, and deliver solutions that work.

Our professional approach, flexibility, & business knowledge has resulted in leading companies to work smarter in today’s environment.


How we work


We specialise in making change successful for individuals and businesses, working as consultants in partnership with senior managers and business leaders.


We’re straight-talking, and have a no nonsense direct approach. We work hard to bring our global experience and perspective to your specific business challenge.


What people say

“Steve is a solid HR leader who is very responsible, professional and full of passion. He is always looking after the people and having their interest at heart, so that they can perform...

Dennis Mark, VP & GM SE Asia & Taiwan, HP
I worked with Steve when he was with Sigmoid Curve as I needed help to source for a strong Head of HR for India. I am aware Steve had worked in that market for ESPN and HP...

Yee Poh Ling, Head of HR India, Wunderman
Steve was a colleague of mine at HP. He was one of the smartest and most creative HR professionals I have known. He was a great partner and was highly regarded by all who knew him.

Don Robertson, VP HR, HP Asia & Pacific
It’s not WHAT Steve does but HOW he does it. In my mind that is one of his great strengths. He presents himself as a credible and trustworthy advisor, because he has integrity (walks the talk), becomes passionately involved with the business and its people, immerses himself in understanding the technicalities, and then fits all this together to put the people puzzle together to make for a more complete and efficient business. He truly works on both hearts and minds and cares about the outcomes.

Vijai Gill, MD Global Green International